CfP: Violence and its narratives (1936-1948). Coup, Revolution and Post-War in Comparative Perspective

Autonomous University of Barcelona, Barcelona (Spain)

On 15th and 16th December 2016, UAB’s GERD (Working Group on Republic and Democracy), with the support of RETTDES (Network of Studies on Totalitarianisms and Transitions to Democracy in 20th Century Europe), organizes the International Seminar ‘Violence and its Narratives (1936-1948)’.

In order to achieve a broad debate and to establish the current status of studies on violence in Spain between 1936 coup, war and postwar periods in comparative perspective, there will be a session devoted to the presentation of papers. These may deal with violence in Spain in all its variants (murders, political cleanings, concentrationary and prison systems, political repression) and analytical perspectives (definitions, cultural dimensions, justifications, enemy images, comparative dimension, etc.), taking as chronological limits the coup of 1936 and the end of Francoist martial law in 1948.

Those interested in participating must send an e-mail before May 30, 2016 to the secretariat of the seminar, Assumpta Castillo,, including personal data, title of the proposal and a summary of about 100 words. Selected papers must be submitted before December 1st, and will be presented by their authors. Working languages will be Spanish, Catalan, English and Italian.

Further information here.


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