New books: Vilma Steindling; Franz Marek

Two books have been published recently:

A biography of Vilma Steindling, who was a member of the Travail Allemand group in Paris
Vilma Steindling: Eine jüdische Kommunistin im Widerstand
Mit einem Nachwort von Anton Pelinka
by Ruth Steindling and Claudia Erdheim

A collection of writings by Franz Marek, who was one of the Travail Allemand leadership. It includes a previously unpublished memoir of around 120 pages.
Franz Marek: Beruf und Berufung Kommunist
Lebenserinnerungen und Schlüsseltexte herausgegeben und eingeleitet von Maximilian Graf und Sarah Knoll


New book: Rethinking Antifascism. History, Memory and Politics, 1922 to the Present

Hugo Garcia, Mercedes Yusta, Xavier Tabet, Cristina Climaco (eds.), Rethinking Antifascism. History, Memory and Politics, 1922 to the Present, Berghahn Books, New York, 2016.

Bringing together leading scholars from a range of nations, Rethinking Antifascism provides a fascinating exploration of one of the most vibrant sub-disciplines within recent historiography. Through case studies that exemplify the field’s breadth and sophistication, it examines antifascism in two distinct realms: after surveying the movement’s remarkable diversity across nations and political cultures up to 1945, the volume assesses its postwar political and ideological salience, from its incorporation into Soviet state doctrine to its radical questioning by historians and politicians. Avoiding both heroic narratives and reflexive revisionism, these contributions offer nuanced perspectives on a movement that helped to shape the postwar world.

Further information and table of contents here.

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